How it Works

About the Project

Traveling Tales is a pilot program for children/youth in El Dorado County and beyond. See The Elephant will create productions and performances that addresses current issues children face today and make these available to local schools, families, and organizations serving youth. Our goal is to provide this arts education program at no cost to schools or children’s families.

Traveling Tales is, in essence, community based-storytelling with performances created in response to relevant issues and needs. We use puppetry and performance to ignite the imagination, lift spirits, and foster empathy.

Traveling Tales is a new program. Our first production, The Bluebird, The Fox Witch, & The Story of Stumptown was created during Covid & Shelter-in-place, with artists often working remotely. Like so many, we had to find new ways to create in challenging times.

As we continue to grow we will offer more productions, video tutorials, and educational resources to our community.

Traveling Tales is made possible in part by the California Arts Council, Arts & Culture El Dorado, the Latrobe Fund, local business sponsors, and individual supporters. Thank you.

How to get started

To get started, first check out our Current Productions. There, you can watch The Bluebird, The Fox With & The Story of Stumptown. You can also access educational resources with creative activities, social-emotional learning guides, and video tutorials.

We hope that our productions and resources inspire you and help you to create and share your own stories.

Next, let your kid(s) get creative in crafting their own stories, characters, puppets, and more. Anything that they would like to share can be submitted and posted on the Traveling Tales website. In this way, we hope to build a community of creative storytelling.

Finally, take this super quick SURVEY!

Submit or view your project.

Traveling Tales is a place for creative storytelling. With the help of an adult, try your hand at creating a movie poster or book cover, designing characters, writing an original story, or making puppets. Make a recording or take a photo and share it here with us. We will post your work so that we can see one another’s creations. In this way we can experience and celebrate all our stories. We look forward seeing what you make!