Welcome to Traveling Tales

Traveling Tales is a pilot program serving El Dorado County youth and beyond. Here you will find access to our current production – The Bluebird, The Fox Witch & The Story of Stumptown, along with educational resources. Traveling Tales is also a hub to share creative work; you can share and view projects right here.

About See the elephant

At See The Elephant, we believe the creation of live performance is a journey itself; to seek in the place that we live an active engagement with each other that takes us beyond our comfort zones & speaks to a shared humanity. Our mission is to make performance more accessible to our region by providing professional artistic opportunities and building partnerships that foster deeper engagement.

In 2020, we received a grant to launch Traveling Tales, a pilot program. Due to Covid-19 this program was adapted to reach local youth and families virtually. Traveling Tales connects artists with local youth through the power of storytelling. Moving forward, we will continue to offer productions, performances and educational resources.

We hope this space will serve as a hub for youth to share their creative projects, and help us to understand and celebrate our community in a new way.

Submit or view your project.

Traveling Tales is a place for creative storytelling. With the help of an adult, try your hand at creating a movie poster or book cover, designing characters, writing an original story, or making puppets. Make a recording or take a photo and share it here with us. We will post your work so that we can see one another’s creations. In this way we can experience and celebrate all our stories. We look forward seeing what you make!